Pet Owner Educational Atlas - Bundle

Pet Owner Educational Atlas - Bundle

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Dermatology - Cats 2nd edition - Dogs 2nd edition

by Carmen Lorente Mendez, Maria Luisa Palmero, Alberto Barneto

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      1) Pet Owner Educational Atlas: Dogs second edition

      The second edition of this educational atlas on dogs expands on its initial goal of helping veterinary surgeons communicate with owners by adding to the content of the first edition with 16 new sheets. Needless to say, the previous content has been revised and updated with the latest developments in each area.

      2) Pet Owner Educational Atlas: Cats (2nd edition)

The second edition of our insightful cat atlas comes with both refreshed content from the original edition and the addition of 16 new pages. Every segment has been diligently updated with the latest findings, maintaining its dedication to aiding veterinary professionals in communicating with feline enthusiasts.

     3) Pet owner educational atlas: Dermatology

This illustrated work aims at helping veterinary surgeons to communicate with pet owners. After the previous volume about surgery, this atlas dedicated to dermatology helps the vet to explain the physiological and pathological characteristics of skin as well as the characteristics of diagnostic tests, treatments and surgical techniques. Every illustration describes the clinical aspects of the dermatology consultation: anatomical and physiological considerations about the skin and its adnexa and graphic descriptions of infectious, inflammatory, endocrine, allergic, or tumoral diseases. The clarity and accuracy of the illustrations turn this atlas into another useful clinical tool.

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