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The most interesting and best seller books in endodontics and restorations, root canal treatments, restorative techniques, and more. This collection aims to help the professional and the student to understand and improves the knowledge of Endodontics and Restorative dentistry.

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Microsurgical Endodontics - Book Cover - Dentistry book Microsurgical Endodontics - Book Cover - Dentistry book

Microsurgical Endodontics

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Microsurgical Endodontics, a term coined by the author himself, is a branch of Endodontics that allows to save dental elements otherwise lost and intended to be replaced with implants. The study of it means adding precious information to your knowledge in endodontics. There are many indications of intervention, always linked to the failure of a previous treatment and may include solutions that, once put into practice, can resolve clinically complicated situations in a single session. The text presents a complete examination of the diagnostic approaches, of the clinical procedures, of the necessary tools and of the possible complications that Microsurgical Endodontics involves.

Retreatment. Solutions for apical diseases of endodontic origin - Book Cover - Dentistry Book Retreatment. Solutions for apical diseases of endodontic origin - Book Cover - Dentistry Book


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The ten chapters of the volume answer these ten fundamental questions and the clinician who faces an apical pathology of endodontic origin will therefore have the solutions. The aim of this text/atlas is to provide a guide to the diagnostic approach and to the execution of endodontic retreatments of complex cases.

Esthetic Implants - book cover - dentistry book Esthetic Implants - book cover - dentistry book

Esthetic Implants. How...

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Nowadays, patients not only require restoring an edentulous site, but they would like to smile again, have their self-confidence restored and express it in their social life, working life and spare time at their best. In the book you found a collection of anterior implant cases, where each aspect of the treatment is considered with a global approach. On this site you’ll find extraordinary video animations about: periodontal plastic surgery of the parabolas before the finalization of a case with a global approach to smiling; ridge preservation for restore 3D bone volumes in sites of high esthetic value; connective graft to increase vestibular volumes of peri-implant tissue and PubMed linked references.

Adhesive cementation on...

Adhesive cementation...

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What is the material of the artifact? What are the characteristics of the substrates? Is it possible to adequately isolate the tooth? It is fundamental to answer these questions when performing the assessment before beginning the final and decisive phase of prosthetic restoration: cementation. Cementation is a complex procedure that requires good skills, and its outcome depends on the knowledge of the substrates involved and the choice of the most suitable cement for the specific situation. The materials and techniques used for cementation are described in this text, which is specifically dedicated to prosthetists and to those who practice conservative dentistry. This manual examines each substrate and defines the cementation protocols for all cases in daily practice.