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Manual of oral surgery. III Edition - book cover - dentistry book Manual of oral surgery. III Edition - book cover - dentistry book
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Manual of oral...

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The previous editions of this manual have enjoyed great appreciation; the didactic effectiveness, the clarity and coherence of the book have made it a reference for many students, as well as a practical guide for professionals and specialists. For this third edition, the majority of the chapters have been rewritten and new clinical cases have been added. The book is based on lavishly illustrated clinical cases. Also, given their frequency in oral surgery, proper space at the end of the book is given to the most common post-surgical complications, strategies of prevention, and management.

Piezoelectric surgery of impacted teeth - book cover - dentistry book - cardarelli Piezoelectric surgery of impacted teeth - book cover - dentistry book - cardarelli

Piezoelectric surgery...

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The extraction of impacted dental elements is often referred to by maxillofacial surgeons. However, it can be handled as routinely as any other type of extraction. Piezoelectric surgery of impacted teeth, which involves reproducible procedures using a step-by-step approach in all types of cases, also allows dentists who approach the extraction of impacted elements less frequently to carefully prepare for the procedure and perform it, thereby minimizing possible post-surgical issues for the patient, such as biological risks. Using the most innovative techniques, including the application of ultrasound in oral surgery and piezoelectric surgery, the author provides an indispensable tool to train and update dentists who intend to perform all types of extractions.

Bone regeneration in...

Bone regeneration in...

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Grafting materials must be safe, biocompatible and able to guarantee lasting results. Among the fundamental features of the ideal material is the ability to promote bone regeneration. The autologous tooth is a very promising candidate because it allows osteoinduction and its maintenance after the treatment. After examining the current scientific evidence and studies carried out at the Politecnico di Milano (Milan, Italy), The tooth as a graft provides an overview of all the aspects of bone regeneration and the various devices available on the market are presented and compared, their use explained step-by-step, from cleaning the tooth to the grinding, to the treatment of the material before grafting.

Diode Laser Manual in...

Diode Laser Manual in...

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The diode laser is a versatile and effective solution for oral tissue care. The book responds to the needs of those clinicians who seek specific and updated training on the use of the diode laser. An extensive set of images describes clinical applications in detail, offering professionals a comprehensive learning tool and a useful resource in daily practice. It is also possible to access videos on specific topics covered in the text from a smartphone or tablet via the QR codes printed inside this book.