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Edra Publishing's Medicine Book Collection offers a broad number of titles to cover all the relevant topics for Professionals and Students. Our Authors are the maximum experts in their fields and are recognized from the international communities; Edra Publishing's goals is to offer the best knowledge possible to help Doctors to stay updated and to finally improve healthcare worldwide.

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Psyco Neuro Endocrine Immunology and the science of the integrated medical treatment - The manual - Cover - Medicine Book Psyco Neuro Endocrine Immunology and the science of the integrated medical treatment - The manual - Cover - Medicine Book

Psyco Neuro Endocrine...

Price $119.90

In this book PNEI paradigm presents itself in its full extension: from the description of the historical and philosophical bases to the biological revolution underway; from the description of nervous, neuroendocrine, immune, and psychic systems and their reciprocal influences; to the modulation tools of the human network for preventive and therapeutic uses.

Easy Colposcopy. Full Immersion - cover book - Medicine book - Giovanni Miniello -

Easy Colposcopy. Full...

Price $49.50

This practical atlas presents colposcopy in detail. It offers an innovative but extremely explanatory approach, to the benefit of space given to numerous didactic diagrams made with computer graphics and about 500 colpophotographs whose quality has received enthusiastic acclaim from the most authoritative international experts of Colposcopy. The author includes extremely clear images of squamous metaplasia’s maturation phases, dysplastic lesions, carcinoma of the cervix and rare colposcopic cases.

Pharmaceutical Resilience. How to Govern the Evolution of Treatments - cover book - Luca Pani - Medicine book


Price $27.50

The world of health is undergoing a significant evolution. Pharmaceutical Resilience shows a compass to orient ourselves in this growing complexity which is the result of the convergence of three macro-phenomena: the growing pressure to which public health budgets are subject; the evolution of the consumer patient; and the impact of technology.

Food Intollerance are a myth - The inflammatory relationship between food and health is finally explained in a scientific way
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Food Intollerance are...

Price $34.10

The immunologist and bestselling author Attilio Speciani dispels the clichés about so-called ‘food intolerances’ and guides the reader to a healthy and better relationship with food. Colitis, migraines, hormonal changes, arthritis, autoimmune diseases, imbalances of metabolism and many other disorders, from the most common to the most severe, are often related to diet. There is a close relationship between food and health, and when the natural and physiological relationship with food changes, due to food excesses or the repeated introduction of food, the organism generates measurable inflammatory signals that induce and maintain many conditions or diseases.

Clinical interpretation of acid-base and electrolyte disorders. Case studies Clinical interpretation of acid-base and electrolyte disorders. Case studies


Price $93.50

In clinical medicine and in emergency medicine especially, is crucial to understand and manage the acid-base and electrolyte disorders. This text, the result of years of clinical and educational activity, is organized in three parts: acid-base balance, water and sodium and electrolytes. Clinical interpretation and therapy are discussed through clinical cases that are the main educational tools.

Mountain Emergency Medicine - Medicine Books - Book Cover Mountain Emergency Medicine - Medicine Books - Book Cover

Mountain Emergency...

Price $191.40

Mountain Emergency Medicine has seen exponential development due to the ever-increasing number of people who hike or trek as well as practice extreme sports. Emergency physicians and nurses need to be equipped with the necessary training to be able to manage “on the field” accidents and sicknesses as well as their own physical security. Theoretical knowledge is generally of high level but practical expertise is dangerously lacking in many operators. Furthermore, treatment modalities on the field have not been completely codified and are not supported by internationally-accepted guidelines. This book is the first to offer a complete and thorough approach to this field of Emergency Medicine based on the latest research findings.

Nutrition and supplementation for sport and physical performance - nutrition - sport - Massimo Spattini Nutrition and supplementation for sport and physical performance - nutrition - sport - Massimo Spattini

Nutrition and...

Price $78.10

This book helps athletes in managing nutrition and choosing supplements that improve athletic performance, based on strong scientific evidence and in complete safety. It covers all the main types of physical activity, from the gym to cycling, from running to crossfit, considering also the needs of special categories of sportsmen. Specific nutritional approaches, such as the ketogenic diet and intermittent fasting, are also described. 86 data sheets report the features and properties supplements that allow an optimal performance. Each supplement is assigned a score, to allow the reader to evaluate its effectiveness in improving the parameters that influence athletic performance (strength, resistant strength, mass, endurance, weight loss, concentration, recovery).

Ultrasound-guided nerve blocks of the trunk and abdominal wall - Medicine book - cover book


Price $104.50

Due to the introduction of ultrasound, the acquisition of new anatomy and sonoanatomy knowledge, as well as recent discoveries on the role of the fascia, regional anesthesia has undergone a process of "evolution-revolution" in the last decade and now is playing a key-role in surgery and postoperative pain management, allowing opioid-sparing or opioid-free strategies, in line with the ERAS pathway.

Emdr And Panic Disorder - Medicine book - cover book - Elisa Faretta

Emdr And Panic Disorder

Price $75.90

Among the anxiety disorders, Panic Disorder (PD) is one of the most common forms of psychological distress in contemporary societies, often present in comorbidities with depressive disorders or addictions. It is extremely debilitating, and frequently associated with high levels of social, occupational, and physical disability. EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reproces¬sing) is the first choice to treat traumatic or stress related disorders, and for several years has also been demonstrably effective in PD.