Books Catalog 2020

Medicine – Dentistry - Veterinary

With a catalog of over 400 titles in the Medicine, Dentistry, and Veterinary fields Edra Publishing is able to develop new knowledge and systems to improve the information and decision-making process for patients, clinicians, professionals, and students.

Edra designs advanced solutions which reshape the value chain and contribute to the concrete construction of the future of the heathcare system, collaborating with all the major players in Life Sciences. Edra develops new knowledge, new trials, new platforms, new system to improve infirmation and decision-making for patients, clinicians, pharmacists, decision-makers and informants.
These levers enable the system to evolve by ensuring better dialogue, timely availability of essential information and effective processes.
Edra's distinctive skill is the ability, thanks to virtuous synergies and its very developed expertise in each field in which it operates - strategy, digital, training, information, publishing, software, communication, multi-channel solutions - to design new solutions and pathways in order to resolve systems inefficiens and improve care.
The largest number and most consulted update portals, the biggest Italian catalogue of medical and scientific book and the largest portfolio of publications feed an exclusive understanding of interests and need, yhanks to proprietary systems that generate new awareness of the dialogue betwen the knowledge management system and the customer relationship management system.

Webinars and Digital Courses

The radical transformation of companies and professions - determined by the growth of connectivity, data, and computing power - is destined to accelerate and increasingly affect medicine and healthcare. Edra is leading the digital transformation of Life Sciences by researching and developing innovative and digital solutions, creating value in resolving inefficiencies, and improving care for the future of the healthcare system. Building a culture of innovation enables this to be successfully applied.